Diedrich Speckmann
Diedrich SpeckmannHe was borne on February 12, 1872 in Hermannsburg.
After school and study in 1904 he became Pastor in Grassberg.
Since the year 1910 he lived as a free writer in Fischerhude, where he died on May 28, 1938.

His life's work contains 15 stories, 2 novels and
3 collections of short stories.
To his known and most successful books belong:
Heidjers Homecoming (1904), Moorland-Farm Lohe (1906),
Siblings Rosenbrock (1911) and Jan Murken (1922).

In his stories, he describes the life on country, in particular that in the Lueneburg- Moorland, but also the problems during the colonization of the Teufelsmoor (Devilsbog).
He was the most widely read regional writer of that time.
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