Liebfrauenkirche in Fischerhude Liebfrauenkirche in Fischerhude
The first sacral building in Fischerhude was consecrated in the year 1195. It was only a small chapel in which the deceased were laid out.
In 1494, Bishop Conrad of Verden enlarged the chapel to a suffragan church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but it was still being served by Carmelite monks from Cologne, as it had been for the last centuries.
After Reformation, and for want of an own Lutheran Pastor, school teachers undertook part of pastoral duties in Fischerhude.
In 1825, the first cemetery was consecrated; in 1841, a parish church was built in place of the chapel.The first own Fischerhude Pastor started his work in 1852.
In 1859, the churchyard was surrounded by 39 tombstones of Fischerhude earliest ancestors repatriated from the Wilstedt graveyard.
In 1864, a steeple was built; twenty-two years later in 1886, an apse was added. Its latest renovations were completed during 1987.
Today, in addition to church services, numerous cultural events take place here. A kindergarten is connected to the parish as well.
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