Cultural life

Museum Heimathaus IrmintrautSince ages there was a rich cultural life in the village; the Church and the big-farmers made suitable rooms available, and supported the community of the villagers as a family;
part of this tradition is still being continued by the Fischerhuder Hofkonzerte.
Since the late 19th Century, many artists came here for self realization within a protected and non-falsified environment of an idyllic village.
Portrait Otto Modersohn
In 1895, Fischerhude cultural life was enriched by the settlement of the artist Heinrich Breling, who had spent his childhood here.
The landscape painter Otto Modersohn, the sculptor Clara Rilke-Westhoff, the author Diedrich Speckmann and further artists were moving to Fischerhude too, so Fischerhude became well known as village of farmers and artists.