Museum Heimathaus Irmintraut

Museum HeimathausIn the past, the present buildings were part of a big farm and belonged to the Fischerhude Tietjen family. The main building, a North German hall house, was built around 1550 and became extended in 1768 to its present extent.
After the Tietjen family died out, the Schloen family bought the farmhouse, and reshaped it to a local heritage museum, and named it for their daughter: Irmintraut.
inside viewsIn the inside is shown as living was in the 19th Century;
stables for the domestic animals, ancient tools for farmers work, and facilities for cooking at the open fireplace as central point of the family next to the cupboard beds.

Opening houres: Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 13, 14 to 16.00 h
Admission fee: 2.00 EUR
Postal address: 28870 Fischerhude, Kirchstrasse 2
Fon:  +49 (0)4293 7682
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