The artists village Fischerhude is sited in the Wuemme lowland, east of the city of Bremen, at an edge of the Teufelsmoor, and first crossing point to the Zeven Geest.
Footbridge over the mill creek The place was already mentioned documentarily in the year 1124 and was called Widagheshude; there was a landing stage for boats and a protected place for the movement of goods.
After settling down of more farmers there
draining the surrounding marshes, the village was renamed in Fischerhude.
The fish fortune of the Wuemme river and best pastures and productive hay harvests became basics of prosperity of its farmers.
Suendermanns farm
By using river arms and water drains, the farms were connected among one another and with their farming areas. Accordingly that time, persons and goods of every kind were shipped on small flat wooden boats, even all the way to the city of Bremen.