Artists from Fischerhude

Since 1895, during the summer months the artist Heinrich Breling already
lived in Fischerhude, before he became resident in the Bredenau Street in year 1908.
Brelings daughter Olga got married to the potter Jan Bontjes van Beek,
who established the Fischerhude Art Pottery together with her sister Amelie.
Olga and Jan passed on their talents to their children Tim, Mietje and Cato.
Brelings daughter Louise got married to the landscape painter Otto Modersohn;
their sons Ulrich and Christian became artists too.

In the year 1904 the artist Wilhelm Heinrich Rohmeyer moved to Fischerhude;
in 1908 followed by Helmuth Westhoff, 1911 Rudolf Franz Hartogh, August Haake,
Bertha Schilling, Fritz Cobet and Johann Heinrich Betke, 1918 Emma Eibler,
1919 Clara Rilke-Westhoff, 1920 Marie Fritsch, 1926 Hellmut Müller-Celle und
Kurt Glauber, in 1930 Hans Buch and Else Pauls.

In year 1932 arrived the composer Karl Gerstberger, in 1936 the artists Hans Meyboden and Johanna Eissler, 1938 Hermann Angermeyer, 1947 Erhart Mitzlaff;
1956 the sculptor Adriaan van der Ende; 1964 Werner Zöhl, 1971 Tomma Leckner,
and in 1975 Wolf-Dietmar Stock, followed by Elke Rehfinger, Helga Lüth, Katja Kröger and Marion Schindler.