Otto Modersohn

Otto Modersohn as student in 1884/85He was borne in Soest, Westfalia on February 22, 1865.
During 1884 - 1888, he studied art in Duesseldorf and Karlsruhe,
and was cofounder of the artists colony of Worpswede in 1889.
In 1895, he won highest artistic recognition in Munich and Vienna.
In 1897, he married Helene Schroeder, his first love.
After her death in 1900, he married Paula Becker, who died in 1907.
In 1908, he moved to Fischerhude and married Louise Breling.
Otto Modersohn passed away on March 10, 1943 in Rotenburg.
painting by the artist Otto Modersohn He was an exceptional representative of German impressionistic landscape painters.
His paintings are spontaneous and show subdued colourfulness in not naturalistic view.
"See the beauty, profundity, richness in the inconspicuous and artless, not in the effect. Almost always, Paula painted like this
on her finest works." (OM, 1926)
In 1974, his son Christian opened the Otto Modersohn art museum in Fischerhude,
to preserve the heritage for a broad public.
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